About Our College


Located at a distance of 25kms. from the district headquarters, Cuttack on the Cuttack-Kendrapara State Highway, Salipur stands against the backdrop of panoramic, sylvan Chitrotpala, just about a kilometer away from the Salipur Bazaar. Eminent persons from various walks of life who have made significant contributions towards the advancement ofOdisha have hailed from and around this area and nourished and patronized this college from its fledgling state till it attained a healthy adulthood. The long felt need for establishing a college catering to the demands of the people of a vast area of the Cuttack district was fulfilled in 1963. A College committee comprising active, enthusiastic persons of status in the locality intrusted with the task of raising funds and meeting other requisite needs for starting a college was formed in the same year.

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