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Student Association::

General Instruction to the Candidates and Voters :

1. The College maintains a number of association and societies to foster different cultural activities such as holding debates, papers reading, panel discussions and arranging lectures and symposia etc. among the students at +2 and +3 level.

2. The Candidates and the Voters are advised not to disfigure the Walls of the College, in keeping with the rich tradition and dignity of the College.

3. The Candidates are advised to stick to the time schedule and no deviation there from will be entertained on any account.

4. No student will be allowed to cast his/her vote or to stand in the election until he/she clears up all the dues and gets his/her identity Card renewed. It is for the information of all that no student can cast his/her vote without the production of Valid Identity Card.

5. No student can bring an outsider to help or assist him/her in electioneering or Canvassing.

6. In the WHAT I STAND FOR meeting the candidates are advised to speak to the electorate regarding programmes to be implemented if they are elected. Under no circumstances a candidate will be allowed to cast aspersion on any political party political leaders of both National and State level. Speeches derogatory to the prestige of the college may make a candidate liable for disqualification to contest.

7. The candidates are advised not to disturb the classes by displaying musical instruments or using microphone etc. However, they will be allowed to address the students in the class towards the last five minutes of the period only during 5 days prior to the date of election.

8. The counting of the Ballot Papers by the Polling Officers in presence of the Agents is final and thereafter, under no circumstances any complaint regarding counting will be entertained.

9. The candidates and the students are advised to exercise their conscience while exercising their right to vote without any fear and favour.

10. Students are advised to be peaceful, disciplined, well behaved keeping with the rich tradition of this temple of learning.

11. Government Guidelines for college election

For the propose of election of the office bearers the Government /principal shall fix the date.

Govt. has laid down the following guide lines vide its letter No.26428 dt. 28.8.2010 to be followed during the college union

election, other societies/ Associations of +3 and +2 students.

Eligibility Criteria for candidates :

(i) Undergraduate students between the ages of 15 and 22 and post graduate students with the maximum age limit of 24-25 years may contest elections.

(ii) The candidate should in no event have any academic arrears in the year of contesting the election.

(iii) The candidate should have attained the minimum percentage of attendance as prescribed by the University or 75% attendance whichever is higher.

(iv) The candidate shall have one opportunity to contest for the post of office bearer and two opportunities to contest for the post of an executive member.

(v) The candidate shall not have a previous criminal record, that is to say he should not have been tried and/or convicted of any criminal offence or misdemeanor. The candidate shall also not have been subject to any disciplinary action by the University authorities.

(vi) The candidate must be a regular, full time student of the college and should not be a distance/proximate education student.

(vii) In addition to this the contestants are warned not to disfigure any part of the college building with names, slogans, or other propaganda materials like posters, banners or wall paintings etc. on the walls or in any other place on the college building



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