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Proctorial system::

The proctorial system has been introduced for effective improvement of student teacher relation in the institution. The students of a particular tutorial/practical/remedial group are assigned to a member of the teaching staff who shall act as their Proctor the students are required to meet the proctor periodically to report progress in their studies, healthy living condition and other academic difficulties. A set of guidelines mentioning of the duties of the students in the proctorial groups and the function of the proctors have been framed vide Circular No. 13332 dated 22.3.77 of the D.P.I, Orissa addressed to Principals of Government and non-Government College of the state on Proctorial system for strengthening the relation between the teachers and students.


1. The students of the proctorial groups shall meet the proctors atleast once in a fortnight or as many times as is necessary and discuss with him/her their difficulties and academic problems.

2. The students shall furnish such information to the proctors as required for the maintenance of the proctorial record.

3. No student shall ordinarily leave head-quarters without informing the proctor.

4. No student can ordinarily meet the principal on official business without the permission for the Proctor nor can any application be submitted without the recommendation of the proctor.

5. Any adverse report against a student by the Proctor will be seriously viewed and dealt with accordingly with the intimation to their parents.

6. Monthly fees and other fees of a student will only be accepted after submission of the monthly proctorial records by the proctor.

7. No help from any source or other forms of assistance will be given to a student unless recommended by the proctor.

8. The promotion in the college Examination and issue of the final conduct and transfer certificate-from the college will also be reflected on the Proctorial records of a student during the period of study in the College.



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