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A. N.C.C. - National Cadet Corpses : One platoon of infantry of N.C.C.unit for Boys has been allotted to this College. The Infantry Wing is located in the Salipur College compound, named A/3/1. P.L. N.C.C.under Prof. Dr. M. M. Das. This platoon is attached to I (O) B.N.C.C.,Cuttack one N.C.C. unit has been opened for girls students from 26th March 2004 with intake capacity of 50 students cadets under the officer incharge Ex-A NO Mrs Prabasini Devi, Lecturer in Education thereby fulfilling Long standing demand for students.


Enrolment is open to all students who satisfy standard or physical fitness. Enrolment form can be had from N.C.C. Office or from the N.C.C. Officer Capt. M. M. Das, Head of the Department in Philosophy. Training commences in August. The Enrolment form duly filled In must reach the N.C.C. Officer or the N.C.C. Office prior to the commencement of the training. N.C.C. students are not allowed to be enrolled in N.S.S. and Y.R.C.


Charges of indiscipline made against a cadet will be seriously dealt with and will be disposed of as per procedure and punishment in the N.C.C. Act. 1948.


The aims of N.C.C. are development of leadership character commandership, spirit of sportsmanship and the ideal of service and to create a force of disciplined and trained manpower, which in a national emergency would be of assistance to the country and to provide training of student with a view to developing in them officer like qualities, thus also enabling them to obtain commission in the Armed Forces. Students having N.C.C. qualification are always given preference in competitive examination like NDA, IMA etc.


The National Service Scheme has been introduced from the session 1974-75 in Salipur College, Salipur.


The over all objective of the N.S.S. is "Service to the Community” offered while undergoing instruction in an Educational institution. It is sought to arouse the social conscience of students and provide them with the opportunity to work with people around the educational campus creatively and constructively and to put the Education they receive to concrete social use. its motto is "NOT ME, BUT YOU"



It consists of the Principal as the Chairman, the Senior N.S.S. Officer as the Secretary, other N.S.S. Officers and lecturer volunteers interested in Social Service and the student representatives who are the leaders of the student teams working on different projects. It will serve as the policy determining and project approving body.


The committee is the Chief Policy- Determining and Programme approving body of all N.S.S. activities in the College.


a) There are Two Gents units and one girl unit and consisting of 50 volunteers each desirous students may apply to the Principal on or before a stipulated date in a prescribed application form there after a selection will be done by "The National Service Scheme Committee" for enrolment, application forms can be had from N.S.S. Office an alternative to N.C.C.

b) In view of the fact, that the programme has to develop from below,it is necessary that for every 50 students there should be one lecturer to be designated as "Programme Officer N.S.S." He/she should be asserted by 4 senior students to be designated as "Programme Assistants." Clerical assistance and Store-keeping should be related to the actual requirements out of funds available to the College.


An N.S.S. student volunteer must have to work atleast for 120 hours in a year out of which 20 hours can be used on the first year for "Orientation Programme" in the following manner.

General Orientation ... 2 hours

Specific Orientation ... 8 hours

Programme skill learning ... 10 hours

Total = ... 20 hours

6. CAMPS :

There are integral and important constituent elements of Programme Camps which may be held weekly or for the duration of 10 days during vacations and holidays. The camps may be of Inter Collegewise, Inter University, Statewise of Inter statewise. In addition to Collegewise camps in rural areas which are bound to be greater in number, a few special camps may be arranged University wise and statewise for specific purpose. 50% of the student volunteers may be selected to attend camps. Their expenses in the camp will be met by the funds available from the university.


It is must for all the student - volunteers while in fieldwork, in camp or in College to abide by the lawful instruction of the Programme officer N.S.S. Breach of discipline will be seriously dealt with.

8. FUNDS :

University gives substantial grants towards this maintaining in an atmosphere of learning in the Campus through exchange of idea and intellectual discussions which will urge and inspire the teachers and the taught alike to divert their attention from the current craze for information to pursuit of knowledge.


The Junior Red Cross Unit has been introduced from the Session 1976-77 in Salipur College, Salipur.


Junior Red Cross is organised for the purpose of inculcating in the children of the country, the ideal of peace and the practice of service,especially in relation to the case of their own health and that of other,the understanding and acceptance of civil and human responsibility,and the cultivation and maintenance of a spirit of friendly helpfulness towards other children in all countries the aims may be briefly summarised as follows:

a) The Promotion of health.

b) Service to the sick and suffering.

c) International friendliness.


There shall be a J.R.C. Unit in the College consisting of student volunteers and a member of the teaching staff who will function as Counsellor of the group and will remain in-charge of the activities.The desirous students may apply to the Counsellor on or before a stipulated date to enrol as the members of the J.R.C. group the next step is for the Counsellor to hold a meeting of those who have enrolled themselves as members. For election of office bearers namely Chairman, vice-Chairman and Secretary and also working out the programmes of activities to be taken up generally on the lines indicated there in.

3. FEES :

Rs. 6/- is to be collected from all students at the time of admission.Out of the total collection 20% will be sent as State share and the balance amount will be deposited in a Nationalized Bank for operation of funds of the Junior Red Cross Group. the Principal of the College may operate the account with the assistance of the counsellor.


The activities of the J.R.C. Group can be summarised as follows :

a) Practice of health habits.

b) The members will take up St. John's Ambulance Course in First


c) College hygiene.

d) Community hygiene.

e) Service to sick and suffering.

f) Voluntary Blood Donation Camp.

g) Organisation or Red Cross Volunteer Camp.

h) Home Service Welfare Work etc.



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