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Examination Rules::

Test Examinations shall be conducted during second year of +2 H.S.classes and 1 st year 2nd year and 3rd year of +3 Degree Classes and half yearly & annual exams shall be conducted for the 1st year students.

Examinations are compulsory If a student absents himself from the examination he may not be promoted or sent up as the case may be. Unfair means or misbehavior of any type in the examination hall shall be seriously viewed. A student found in possession of incriminating materials or copying will be expelled from the examination hall immediately and will be fined Rs 100/- per paper with intimation to the parents He/she may not be promoted or sent up for the Council/University examinations/ No student is allowed to leave Examination hall within 1st hour of the commencement of Examination.

(The Council +2 Higher Secondary Education, Orissa conducts annually two examinations for the +2 Arts./Sc./Com. streams.)

Eligibility for Instant Examination

a) All failed candidates if failed in one subject only

Pass Marks

a) 30% of marks in each subject both in theory & 40% in Practical separately.

b) 35% marks in aggregate.

c) First Division 60%

d) Second Division 50%

e) Third Division 35%

University Examination

Regulation for the Bachelor of Arts, Science, Commerce Examination

(Three years Degree Course) effective for students admitted to first year of +3 course during 2002 - 03 and there after of Utkal University.

1. The three year degree course leading to the Bachelors's Degree in Arts / Science / Commerce of Utkal University shall be spread over a period of three academic years. A candidate for the B.A/B.Sc./ B.Com degree shall be required to pass the following examinations

i) First university Examinations to be conducted after the completion of 1st year.

ii) Second university Examination to be conducted after the completion of 2nd year

iii) Final University Examination to be conducted after be completion of 3rd year.

2. A candidate shall be eligible to appear the 2nd and final university examination only if he/she has registered for the 1st and 2nd university examination respectively. However his/her final results shall not be published unless he/ she has passed in 1st or 2nd university examination respectively

3. Admission to the 2nd and 3rd year course shall be completed within two weeks of the reopening of the colleges without waiting for the publication of the results of the 1st and 2nd university examination respectively or within a further period of two weeks on payment of late fee as prescribed by the university for each student.

4. 75% of attendance in each year and in each subject is mandatory

5. Any registered student of the University may be admitted to be 2nd examination or the 3rd Examination of the +3 B.A/B.Sc./ B.Com.Degree if he/she has cleared or has appeared the 1st or 2nd examination respectively in the concerned stream

6. In order to clear an examination (1 st / 2nd / final) a candidate is required to secure 30% marks in subject and 40% marks in each practical paper and 36% in aggregate.

7. For first class Honours a student has to secure a minimum of 30% in each subjects and a minimum of 36% in aggregate in subject other than Honours and a minimum of 60 % or more in honours.

8. For acquiring a first class Honours with distinction in addition to first class Honours, a student has to secure a minimum of 50% of marks in aggregate in subjects other than Honours in first appearance.

9. In each of the above examinations for subjects having practical a candidate in order to secure honours, must have secured a minimum of 45% of marks in theory papers(S) & practical papers taken together subject to securing the minimum pass marks in theory and practical papers.

10. A candidate failing to secure a minimum of 30% in each pass subject and / or a minimum of 40% in each practical paper either in the 1st,2nd or final examination may be allowed to appear in those subjects in not more than two chances (examinations) immediately following that examination for which he was first registered to clear the back papers However if a candidate who has not cleared an examination may at his option appear in all papers of that examination in a subsequent chance within 5 years of first registration to first degree examination.

11. If a candidate has appeared is back papers in the 1st chance and in all papers in 2nd chance and also has failed. Such a candidate can appear at the examination (in all the papers) under the new course only within 5 years of 1st registration to first degree Examination.

12. In no case a candidate shall be allowed to appear any examination after 5 years of first registration to first University examination.

13. The duration of examination for each theory paper carrying 50 marks shall be 2 hours and for each theory paper carrying 75 or 100 marks it shall be 3 hours. The course contents of the papers and the course structures are already prescribed in the syllabus by the respective

14. The mark distribution in +3 B.A / B.Sc / B.Com (pass and Honours examination shall be as follows :




3rd Total



500 400 1400



 600  600 1800

15. The result of there three years B.A/ B.Sc../ B. Com Degree Examination and the classes to be awarded shall be determined on the basis of the combined result of 1 st 2nd and final Examination taken together.

16. The question paper of the university Examination in Arts / Science / Commerce shall contain alternative questions unit wise as per the courses of study prescribed.




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