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Courses of Studies::

Salipur College, Salipur has been granted first affiliation in Scienceand Arts at Pre-University stage with effect from the session 1964-65 asper letter No.-A/TDS/8806 dated 23.05.1964 of the Asst. Registrar UtkalUniversity.

Salipur College is affiliated to Utkal University and CHSE Orissa for+3 Degree & +2 Higher Secondary Courses respectively.

Eligibility for Admission :

Students passing HSC or equivalent examination are eligible foradmission into +2 Arts / Science / Commerce / Vocational Stream.

2. New Course Structure at +2, Higher Secondary Level w.e.f. 2006-07Council of Higher Secondary Education, Orissa vide their office OrderNo. 4153 dated 01.03.06 has decided to introduce certain changes in the+2 course structure and scheme of studies from the academic session2006 - 07 and this has been concurred by the Govt. vide Order No. 14321/111 HE - CHSE-10/06, Dt. 27.04.06.

According to the new course structure there shall be one examinationto be conducted by the College at the end of 1st Year basing on thecurriculum meant for that year and one examination at the end of 2nd yearto be conducted by the Council basing on the curriculum meant for thatyear alone. Pass certificates will be awarded to successful candidates basingon the performance in the Council examination to be held at the end of 2ndyear only.

The examination at the end of 1 st year shall be for 800 marks(including 100 marks for Environmental Education and 100 marks in Joga )and the examination at the end of 2nd Year shall be for 600 marks. Markssecured in the examination to be conducted at the end of 1 st year shall beconsidered for promotion of students to the 2nd year class.

Besides English and M.I.L., Environmental Education (EE) and Jogashall also be a compulsory subject. But Environmental Education will betaught only in the 1st year and examination for Environmental Educationand Joga will be conducted by the college at the end of the 1st year.

Restriction on selection of optional (henceforth called as elective)subject will be the main feature in the new course structure. There shall beno extra optional subject. Instead each student has to offer four electivesubjects as mentioned below.

3. Provision of Seats, Grouping pattern & In-take capacity in +2 Classes:

A) +2 Arts - 256 Seats:

Compulsory Subjects : English, M.I.L. (Oriya or Sanskrit orAlternative English of Higher Standard) and Environmental Education.Elective Subjects : Economics - 256, Political Science-256,Mathematics-256, Oriya - 256, History - 256, Education - 128, logic - 128,Home Science - 32, Sociology - 64, Sanskrit 64

A student may select any four Elective subjects to the availability dependingon his marks. However, combination of (1) History & Mathematics, (2) Oriya& Sanskrit, (3) Education & Home Science, (4) Statistics & Sociology(5) Mathematics & Home Science are not permitted.

B) +2 Science: 256 seats:


Compulsory Subjects: English, M.I.L., (Oriya or Alternative English of HigherStandard and Environmental Education and Joga

1st Elective Subject : Physics (256)

2nd Elective Subject : Chemistry (256)

3rd and 4th Elective Subjects : Mathematics (256), Biology - 192 seats,

Electronics - 32 seats, Statistics - 32 seats

One has to choose either Group - A or Group - B for 3rd and 4th ElectiveSubjects as mentioned below.

Group A : 3. Mathematics, 4. Biology / Electronics / Statistics

Group B : 3. Biology, 4. Mathematics

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology Combination: 192 seats: Physics,

Chemistry, Mathematics, Electronics combination - 32 seats

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics combination - 32 seats

C) +2 Commerce - 128 Seats :

i) English

ii) M.I.L. (Oriya) / Alt. English)

iii) Environmental Education and Joga

iv) 1st Elective - Accountancy

v) 2nd Elective - Business Studies and Management

vi) 3rd Elective - Business Mathematics and Statistics

vii) 4th Elective - Computer Application I & II or Fundamentals of Company Accounts and Fundamentals of Management Accounting (FCA and FMA) or Salesmanship and Business Economics or Commercial Banking and Insurance.

( Each elective subject shall carry a maximum of 200 marks: i.e. 100 marksfor 1 st year and 100 marks for 2nd year )

D) +2 Vocational Stream: 48 seats :

a) Audio-Visual Technique - 24 seats

b) Computer Fundamental Technique - 24 seats

Eligibility: Students seeking admission into +2 Vocational Stream must havepassed H.S.C. or the equivalent examination.

Course Structure for 3 years Integrated Degree Course

                         in B.A., B.Sc., B.Com.

( +3 Degree Arts Affiliated strength - 256 seats )

Compulsory Subjects :

a) English & M.I.L. (Oriya of Alternative English) in +3 1st Yr and 2nd Yr.

b) Indian Society and Cultural and Env. Studies and population studies in 3rd Yr.

i) Pass Subjects:

Anyone of the following subjects may be chosen for purely pass students.

Economics - 256, Edn.-128, History-256, Sociology-64, Oriya-256,

Philosophy-64, Pol. Sc. -256, Sans-64, Soc.-64. While filling up the formtwo choices may be given for pass subjects in order of preference.

ii) Honours Subjects :

A student may opt for anyone of the following as Honours subject

Economics-32, Education-32, English-16, History-16, Oriya-32,Pol. Science-32, Sociology-16, Sanskrit - 16, Philosophy 16 seats. Totalaffiliated honours seat-208 purely pass seat - 48

While filling up the form three choices may be given for honours subjects

iii) Elective Subjects:

Indian Polity-256, Indian Economy-256, Landmark in Indian History- 256,H.Sc.-64, Phill.-64, Sans-64, Education-128, Sociology-64. Oriya -256

A pass or honours student shall not be allowed to offer correspondingsame or the identical subject as his/her elective subject. For example astudent opting for Political science as pass or Hons subject can not chooseIndian Polity as his / her elective paper and likewise. While filling up theform three choices may be given in order of preference for elective subject.

iv) Restrictions:

a) A student admitted to Honours shall not take any pass subject.

b) English shall not be opted as an elective - subject.

c) Combination of two language subjects or two practical subjects orHistory and Mathematics and Home Science and Mathematics arenot allowed.

d) Students opting for Mathematics as pass or honours subject musthave passed in Math at +2 stage.

e) No student shall be allowed to take statistics if she/he has not passedeither in statistics or in Mathematics at +2 stage.

v) Students passing +2 Science and +2 Commerce are also eligible foradmission into +3 Arts Stream and +3 Commerce Stream also.

vi) One of the following may be opted as 1 st Elective A-1 and A-2 to betaught in +3 1st Year and +3 2nd Year Indian polity - 128, LMHI-128,Edn.-64, Oriya -128.

One of the following subjects may be chosen (other than the above) asthe 2nd elective (B-1 & B-II), to be taught in +3 IIIyr Arts, H.Sc.-32,Sanskrit - 64, Edn.-64, Soc-64, Indian Polity-128, Oriya-128.

+3 Degree Science (B.Sc.)

i) Physical Science Group:

Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics combination affiliatedstrength - 128, Statistics - 16 seats

ii) Life Science Group

Botany, Zoology, Chemistry Combination and Fisheries, Zoology,

Chemistry combination affiliated strength - 64 , Fisheries - 32 seats

iii) Compulsory Subjects :

a) English b) MIL (Oriya of Alternative English) in 1st year andEnvironmental Studies and Information Technology in 2nd year andIndian Society and Culture in 3rd Year.

iv) Pass Subjects :

Any two of the pass subjects from anyone of the following combination

may be chosen for purely pass students.

a) Physical Science Group: 1) Physics and Chemistry, 2) Physics &Mathematics, 3) Phy. & Statistics, 4) Math. & Stat.

b) Life Science Group: 1) Botany & Zoology, 2) Zoology & Fisheries.

v) Honours Subject :

A student can opt anyone of the following as honours subject

Physical Science Group : Physics-32, Chemistry-32, Mathematics - 32,while filling up the form for Honours subject, three choices for physicalscience group and two choices for life science group may be given inorder of preference.

vi) Minor Elective:

a) Pass & Hons students of physical science group shall take "Biologyfor physical Science students" as Minor elective.

b) Pass & Hons students of Life Science Group shall take "Mathematics& Statistics for Biology students" as minor elective. Life Science group

students means any student having Botany or Zoology as pass orHonours subject.

vii)Major Elective :

a) Pass and Hons students of Physical Science group shall choose

Physics or Chemistry or Mathematics as major elective provided that it

is not his pass or Hons subject as the case may be.

b) Pass or Hons students of Life Science Group shall take chemistry orPhysics as their Major elective.

c) Pass or Hons students of Life Science group may also opt for chemistryas pass subject provided they choose physics as their major electivesubject. Provided number of students are at least four.

viii) Restrictions :

a) Students passing +2 Science with PCM are eligible for admissioninto physical Science group.

b) Student passing +2 Science with Biology can only take admission"into Life Science Group.

ix) Depending upon Honours/Pass subject(s) chosen at the Degree Stagethe following suitable Combination of Honours, Pass and Elective papersare available for the +3 BSc. Students.





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